"The Revenue Optimization Council wouldn't have happened without Roberta's efforts and perseverance."

Albert Viscio, Partner, Accenture

"Roberta has a very valuable approach that works. She knows how to identify a company's sweet spot and build the support system to reach it."

Mike Finley, Director of Marketing, Brio Technology, Inc.

Brio Technology Case Study


Business Intelligence Software


To reach CEOs and senior executives in companies with revenues exceeding $500 million with an unknown product. Without an established category or customers, there were no documented records to illustrate how the product would be of benefit.


QM recommended and implemented the following plan:


QM accomplished the following:

In less than nine months, QM succeeded in creating a new category "Revenue Optimization" and establishing the Revenue Optimization Council. QM got the attention and support for this category from key market influencers including:

"Revenue optimization opens a new horizon that takes us beyond the limitations of expense control. With the advent of the Revenue Optimization Council, we look forward to establishing replicable methodologies that will reward every type of industry."

Albert Viscio, Partner, Accenture

"Columbia Business School looks forward to advancing the study and implementation of this critical business methodology with the industry leaders who are participating in the Revenue Optimization Council,"

Nelson Fraiman, Director of Columbia Business School's W. Edward Deming Center.

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