"(QM) gives us access to people who are difficult to reach through our traditional channels."

Charlene Stenger, Small Business Marketing Manager, Toshiba America

"Programs of this nature could help our associates learn rather than continually fear computers."

Association Executive

Multi-client Case Study

Clients and Technology

This program was a multi-client project initiated by QM. The following companies funded it for a two-year period:


Those agents that used MLS dumb terminals and fax machines believed they were technically proficient. They viewed digital cameras as expensive and unnecessary and didn't trust mobile technology.


QM built and implemented a nationwide program to reach one market segment: real estate agents. QM handled every aspect of this program including:

Technology Company Results

QM's program received official national and state Continuing Education approval for the program. QM achieved the following:

Target Customer Results

QM helped the associations provide valuable education in terms familiar to their agent members. Following is how the agents said QM's program helped them:

*National Association of Realtors® 1997

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