"(QM's) program does what we want for a reasonable price. It's well promoted. We would recommend it to another company."

Linda Mitchell, Small Business Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation

In one QM program for a new Microsoft product, 56% bought or planned to buy and 87% were first-time buyers.


Every product has a market and Qualitative Marketing has the methodology to find it. We focus on helping clients generate demand in hard to reach markets by translating the innovation into the language valued by customers, and then finding leveraged ways to influence their buying behavior. We answer the critical questions:

A company needs two times the number of sales people when leads aren't qualified. Qualitative Marketing's customer-centric approach focuses on making sure there's a fit between the product and the market. Through years of experience, we have found leveraged ways to generate demand among businesses that are qualified.

Our approach works equally well for established companies with unknown products and newer companies that still need to establish a presence. Click here for Qualitative Marketing's 10 Principles of Success to gain insights into the philosophy underlying our approach.

Reaching Business Markets

Many small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from a new technology or practice, but don't have the internal resources to make a change. Rarely do they have the luxury to find those innovations that can help them accomplish their goals. The more successful the business, and hence the ones you most want to reach, the more this is true.

Qualitative Marketing calls these 80% the Careful Adopters. Careful Adopters™ are intelligent and successful, yet don't have the resources to find out if an innovation is of benefit to them or even how best to apply it to their business or practice. Careful Adopters want to continue to be successful, so anything they invest in has to make business sense. Even when they are the "Early Adopters", they can't risk their business just to try something new. Any change has to be evaluated while considering the ramifications of the new technology on every aspect of their business.


To succeed with these Careful Adopters it helps to walk in their shoes and to provide the resources that serve them. Qualitative Marketing has spent more than 20 years understanding this space. Click on Services for more information about Qualitative Marketing's proven approach.