"Roberta's approach provides the framework to take the right steps and focus on the things that really matter. This avoids wasting budget and making mistakes."

Janet Dang, General Manager, Brio Technology, Inc.


Qualitative Marketing specializes in finding markets and uses for innovative technologies by focusing on the demand generation side of the value chain. This is especially important when the category is not defined or established or when companies are entering the SMB market.

QM helps clients minimize, if not eliminate, the expense of trial and error by doing the following:

Microsoft, Philips, and other case studies, highlighting purchase results from this approach, can be found in Client Successes.

Benefits of Approach

This approach reduces the cost of sales and marketing by understanding the market influences and combining steps in the sales process. Clients hire QM because it helps them:

Getting Started Implementation Generating Revenue
  • Identify trends accurately before they occur and capitalize on them.
  • Find untapped or underserved markets.
  • Differentiate products.
  • Understand customers and prospects.
  • Create differentiated marketing messages and positioning strategies.
  • Establish credibility for new or unknown products.
  • Reduce the cost to enter small business markets.
  • Reach customers not reached through traditional channels.
  • Establish a leadership position.
  • Educate customers.
  • Motivate customers to change behavior.
  • Move customers from awareness to consideration and purchase.
  • Generate qualified leads.
  • Shorten the sales cycle.
  • Generate sales revenue.

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