"QM helped us gain critical information our senior executives had been trying to get from our key customers for more than three years."

Richard Kazares, Director, United Defense (Formerly FMC)

Qualitative Research Project Examples

Compaq Computer Corporation - Industry Analysis


Conducted qualitative research to profile the influencers, the customers and their computer use in two industries to provide an in-depth analysis of the industries' major application areas and vendors; the role of personal, portable, and server computer systems; the customers' buying behavior; and leveraged marketing opportunities available to reach the target segments.


The report offered Compaq actionable ideas for partnering with the best of breed applications vendors, as well as specific positioning ideas for "going to market". Compaq used 80% of the analysis in its business planning.

United Defense - Segment Analysis


Conducted research to establish the market opportunity and develop strategic direction for new electric drive and autonomous vehicle technology. Evaluated eight business segments to identify where opportunities might exist for this new and unknown technology.


Established which high-priority markets warranted more attention. Identified the customers' primary buying motivations, as well as the trends, strategic business issues, and barriers affecting innovation adoption.

For other examples, go to the A3 Solutions Case Study and the Brio Technology Case Study.

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