"QM has an outstanding track record of recruiting qualified testers, and of providing valuable assistance to both the software manufacturer and the testers."

Paul Plansky, Philips Speech Processing

"We trust QM, and we discovered that QM does comply with our high quality standards. QM is relentless, achieving nearly 100% success in procuring valuable test data from all of the beta testers. This percentage of feedback from volunteer testers is unheard of in the industry."

Werner Willmann, Testhouse Director for Philips Speech Processing in Vienna, Austria.

Product Marketing Project Examples

Microsoft Corporation - Segment Prioritization and Selection


Established the viability of developing industry specific templates. Conducted research to identify and select the high-priority segments, validate market acceptance, understand how customers could benefit and establish the most viable means for distributing and reselling the templates.


Identified five priority industry segments and the characteristics needed to make those templates useful to those segments. The templates were developed with the information provided and the delivery mechanism recommended was used.

Philips Speech Processing - Beta Site Program


Managed a beta testing project for new Speech Processing technology to find and fix software bugs prior to release. The testers sought were Engineering Professionals, Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, and professors of Computer Science. QM partnered with user groups, industry influencers, and professional associations to achieve a high success rate for quality results given an aggressive time schedule.


Achieved almost 100% participation from the key influencers selected.

For other examples, go to the Recipio Case Study and the Philips Case Study.

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