"We have begun referring to our wide-ranging knowledge of influencers in our business as our 'marketing secret weapon.' QM developed a market entry strategy based on seminar selling which increased our closing ratio to 30% and reduced our cost per lead by more than 70%."

Dan Fylstra, Founder, Customer Solutions, Inc.

Strategic Advising Project Example


Custom Solutions Inc. - Market Planning & Implementation


Conducted market research for the marketing portion of the company's business plan. Evaluated their customers' psychological profile and dominant buying motivations. Identified and interviewed the influencers to establish which marketing vehicles and programs would provide the greatest results. Set-up seminar selling opportunities through the influencers identified.


Recommended the development of a different product that they used to differentiate themselves successfully from the entrenched competition. Developed and implemented a strategy that reached 85% of their target market through four influencer segments. Client successfully used QM's market development plan to obtain over $2 million in venture capital funding.

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